Extended Day Program (K-5)

Gateway Village will offer an extended day program to support online learning and after-school care for elementary students. During these challenging times, we know families need a safe and conducive learning environment for their children, and we are happy Gateway Village can uniquely serve families in this way.

Our Program

Monday through Friday
7:45 am - 6:30 pm

What makes our Gateway Village unique:

  • There are high safety standards. We will follow all current safety guidelines, and you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe environment.
  • Small class sizes and no intermingling of groups - your kids stay with their “pod"
  • A conducive learning environment to structure your child’s day plus after-school care
  • Our gym and playground will give kids more room to move around, stay socially distant, and have fun and be kids. 



Q: Will classes be grouped by ages and how many students per class?

A: Our goal is to have one class for K-2nd grade and one class for 3rd - 5th grade, but cannot guarantee the age groups until we have total enrollment.  Space is limited to 10 students per class due to social distancing guidelines and awarded on a first come, first served basis.

Q:  Besides online school, what else will my child be doing?

 A: Students will enjoy fresh air outside in our secure playground and physical activities in our indoor gymnasium. They will also be engaged in bible time and fun STEAM activities.

Q: Can I register my child to attend 2 or 3 days a week?

A: To maintain best practices during this season, we will be operating the Monday through Friday schedule only.

Q: There are specific times for teacher directed instruction.  Will the Gateway staff be working to help ensure they are logging in with their laptops/devices to participate?

A: Yes, our staff will guide the students (not teach the subjects) and ensure they are doing the work as instructed by their distance learning teachers from their schools.  Our staff will assist when needed just like we do during our after-care program.

Q:  What equipment will my child need?

A:  Students are required to provide their own device, headphones, and/or other needed technology. Gateway Village will not be liable for any damage or loss to student devices. Wireless internet will be available for all students.

Q: If for some reason the schools close back down in the Fall, will Gateway Village also close?

A: With the 100% distance learning, we do not envisage a possible school closure. In January, LCPS intends to review the 100% distance learning option and we will review our services based on their decision and keep you informed.

Q: Are the children required to wear masks all day or just while they are in hallways, restrooms, etc.? Do they have to wear masks while sitting at their desks?

A: Your child will need to wear a mask but can take it off when six feet physical distancing is maintained. They can also take it off when they are outside. However, it will be required if six feet cannot be maintained—hallways, during transitions, etc.

Q: What are your health and safety practices?

A: The following best practices will be implemented:

  • Physical distancing - the students will be seated 6 feet apart and social distancing will be maintained as much as possible and encouraged throughout the day.
  • Same groups of children will be maintained daily.
  • Small class sizes to maintain proper health and safety procedures.
  • Cloth face coverings - masks are recommended unless for reasons documented by a medical professional.
  • Daily health screening- to include symptom check questionnaires and no-touch temperature checks for staff and students. Health screening will be done in the morning during drop-off.
  • We will limit the use of supplies and equipment to one group of children at a time; clean and disinfect between use. Sharing of devices will be discouraged.
  • Enhanced hygiene, cleaning, and disinfecting practices.
  • The students will be provided with opportunities for frequent hand washing.
  • Hand sanitizers will be made available in the school, but children will also need to have hand sanitizers in their bags as well.
  • Access inside the building will be limited.  All drop-offs will be done via our Kiss & Ride.  For pickups, parents will be able to drive by the building entrance and a staff member will bring the child to the door.
  • Students will bring their nut free lunches from home and we will be providing nut free snacks.

Q: Do I need to be a member of Gateway Community Church to enroll my child in Gateway Village?

A: While we'd love for you to join us on Sundays, you do not need to attend or be a member of Gateway Community Church.

Q: Our family is not Christian, will my child be required to participate in religious activities?

A: You or your child will never be asked to participate in anything that feels uncomfortable. We are a ministry of Gateway Community Church and therefore will introduce Christian beliefs to our students. This might look like a short prayer of thanks before snack, or a craft associated with a Bible story.